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How can I properly dispose a television or computer (CRT/TV)?


Businesses should call Public Works for CRT/TV disposal options at 781-316-3108.

For Residents, here are the TV/Computer monitor (CRTs)  disposal options: 

1) Computer monitors and televisions require a fee. Bring your CRT/TV to the DPW Office and purchase a sticker for proper disposal ($10 per unit). Leave the unit in the car while you purchase the sticker. Once you have a sticker you will told where to place the monitor/TV. Please note: You must be able to lift the unit out of your car and place it on the ground by yourself in order to use this option. There are no staff available to assist with lifting.

2) For curbside collection, call JRM Hauling to pay over the phone and make an appointment. Do not place a TV/monitor on the curb without an appointment. The fee for TVs with screens 36" and under is $38, and the fee for TVs with screens over 36" is $50.

4) Computer towers and hard drives do not cost anything to recycle at DPW. Residents can bring these to our office at 51 Grove Street during our regular business hours.




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