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How do I acquire a dog license?

The law requires all dogs six months or over to be licensed in Arlington annually, on or before the first day of January.

License Period: January 1 to December 31

Renewals are sent annually by mail to registered dog owners around late November, early December. If you did not receive a renewal in the mail and/or need to register your dog(s) for the first time, official applications must be obtained at the Town Clerk’s Office, 730 Massachusetts Avenue. Applications must be accompanied by the appropriate fee and certificate(s). See below.


Male/Female Dogs $20.00

Neutered/ Spayed Dogs $15.00

Late Fees 

50.00 After 3/15/2018

Certification Required Upon Registration (copies are OK):
Certificate of Spaying/Neutering - Only new registrations
Certificate of Anti-Rabic Vaccination

If renewing by mail please include the official application form(s), certificate(s), and check. Make check payable to "Town of Arlington" and include a self-addressed stamped envelope so the Clerk's Office can return the license(s), your certificate(s), and tag(s).

You can download the application here.



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