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Does the City of Casselberry have/put fluoride in its water?

Does the City of Casselberry have/put fluoride in its water?

No, the City of Casselberry does not add fluoride to its water. There have been many studies on effects of fluoride. Some studies suggest positive and others suggest negative impacts. The primary benefit is the prevention of tooth decay. Health officials in such agencies as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Public Health Service recommend approximate dosages of one part per million. At too high a dosage, the teeth can become severely discolored, or mottled. At even higher dosages, studies have indicated a potential link to bone brittleness and even cancer. The City of Casselberry’s water has about 0.2 parts per million of natural fluoride already in it. Other sources of fluoride are seafood, gelatin and black tea. Additionally, most toothpastes contain a certain amount of fluoride. Depending on diet, many people may already be getting sufficient amounts of fluoride. Because much of the population now drinks bottled water, addition of fluoride to City water would have no impact on those people. There are greater, more direct benefits from getting fluoride treatment through your dentist every six (6) months and/or having your dentist prescribe a supplementary pill, than from drinking fluoridated water. The dentist has the expertise to evaluate each person’s individual needs, rather than having a “one dose fits all” philosophy.
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