Who needs flood insurance?

Who needs flood insurance?
There are 2,500 parcels in the City in the one-percent-chance-per-year floodplain and 1,400 flood insurance policy holders. It is recommended that all structures (including renters) in the floodplain have flood insurance for the structure and contents to pay for flood damage costs. Flood insurance is required by the lender when a loan is required to purchase a property in the floodplain.

There are fewer properties in the Flood Plain today because the Flood District has acquired and relocated about 60 businesses and 80 residences out of the floodplain, which includes the six homes on Arroyo acquired by the City with a FEMA grant. More than 120,000 square feet of non-residential space has been demolished on the east side of the River south of Third Street (to make room for Flood Project terraces and other features.) 
Department: Public Works
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