What are the rules about keeping weeds under control?

What are the rules in the City about keeping weeds under control?

Napa Municipal Code Chapter 8.24 requires the Fire Department to conduct annual inspections of properties for the purpose of abating hazardous vegetation and accumulations of combustible materials.  All properties are required to be cleared by June 1st of each year, and then maintained throughout the fire season.  The end of fire season is determined by CAL FIRE and is typically November 1st.


This year, inspections by the Fire Department will begin June 2, 2008.  Properties not in compliance with Municipal Code Sections 8.24.010 and 8.24.020 will be posted, requiring compliance within ten (10) calendar days, and a $100 administration citation will be issued to the property owner. In the event the property owner fails to bring the property into compliance 10 calendar days after the posting, the City’s contractor will be issued a work order to complete the work.  The property owner will be billed for all contractor costs incurred, including an administrative fee of $100.00.  Additionally, a second citation of $200 will be issued for failure to comply with  the City ordinance.  Should the property not be maintained throughout fire season, Municipal Code Section 1.24.060(A)(3) allows for a $500 citation to be issued for each day of additional violation of the same code section within a 12 month period.


As a safety reminder, the best time to do your clearance is before 10:00a.m. – not in the heat of the day, or when the wind is blowing.  Also, lawn mowers are designed to mow lawns.  Never use a lawn mower in dry vegetation.  Use a weed trimmer for dry or tall grass.  A rock hidden in grass or weeds is enough to start a fire when struck by a metal blade.


Complaints of properties in need of weed abatement can be reported on our 24-hr Weed Abatement Hotline at 707-257-9275. Please take note that enforcement of weed abatement does not take place until after June 1st each year.

Department: Fire
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