Service Center



 Service Request TypeDescription
Ask A Question Ask the City a Question
Bad sidewalk or curb Report broken or damaged sidewalk or curb
City landscaping issue Report a problem with landscaping in an area maintained by the City, including sprinkler problems, trash, weeds, or other issues.
Clogged storm drain Report a drainage problem due to a clogged storm drain in the street
Code Enforcement complaint Submit complaints to Code Enforcement
Construction site problems Report problems from a construction site
Dead animal Report a dead animal in the street
Graffiti Report graffiti
Light out Report burned out or broken street light, bridge light or ballfield light
Litter or debris Report litter or debris in a public street
Miscellaneous park/public space issue Report an issue with a park or other public space not addresed by other service requests
New streetlight Request a new streetlight
Ongoing drainage problem Report an ongoing drainage problem that reoccurs periodically
Park issue Report problem with play equipment, sprinklers, trash, weeds, or other park problems
Pollution report Report suspected water pollution
Pothole Report a pothole or sinkhole
Recycling equipment delivery Request for delivery of recycling containers to a business, apartment building or school
Rough road surface Report a rough road surface
Sign problem Report a City sign problem
Speakers Bureau request Request a presentation from the City of Napa Speakers Bureau
Street sweeping Request a special street sweeping need
Traffic signal malfunction Report a malfunctioning traffic signal
Tree issue Request tree pruning or tree staking, report a tree or limb down, pest issue, dead tree, or other tree issue
Utility pole issue Report concerns about utility poles
Water leak Report a water leak
Water pressure problem Report a water pressure problem
Water quality issue Report a problem with drinking water quality
Weeds Report high weeds