Kent, OH Support Center

Use this page to request action or ask for City services. Requests that can be submitted online are listed below. Click on the "Select" button next to any request you'd like to submit.

To narrow your search, you can select a category from the dropdown list below, or enter a word or phrase in the Keyword Search box.



 Service Request TypeDescription
Ask a Question To ask the City of Kent a question, please select this service request.
Abandoned Vehicle Report an inoperable/abandoned vehicle
Broken Sidewalk Report a broken or damaged sidewalk
Building Maintenance Violations Report possible building maintenance violations
Construction Work without Permit Report construction work without a permit
Drainage Problem Report a drainage problem
Excessive Trash or Debris Report a property with excessive trash or debris
Graffiti Complaint Report a graffiti/vandalism complaint
Overgrown Lot Report and overgrown lot (weeds or grass)
Park Maintenance Report a park maintenance issue
Pothole Report a pothole
Public Records Request for public records
Snow in Street Request for a public street/road to be plowed
Snow on Sidewalk Report snow blocking a sidewalk
Street Light Out Report street a light out
Traffic Signal Out/Issue Report traffic signal Out/Issue

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