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How do I adopt a road?

How do I adopt a road?

Organizations interested in the Lake County Adopt-a-Roadway Program may become involved by contacting the Lake County Department of Public Works, Road Operations Division, at (352) 742-0478. A packet of materials will be mailed to each interested party. Included in the packet is a list of available roads, a right-of-way utilization permit application, safety guidelines and the program policies and procedures. The AdoptARoadway Program is a volunteer litter prevention program for county roads. Similar to the Florida Department of Transportation's Adopt-A-Highway Program, which focuses solely on state highways and interstates, the County's program encourages local civic organizations, beautification, fraternal and business groups to adopt two or more miles of county roadways. To participate in the program, an organization must be willing to pick up litter at least four times a year and provide adult supervision for youth groups that participate in cleanups.



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